A Grafted Tree
A memoir of adoption, disability, identity, and family.

It's been a journey, but my memoir, A Grafted Tree, has finally been published!

We all have our stories to tell, and I knew my daughter Melissa could not fully tell hers’, so I set about to write a story about this remarkable person. But an interesting thing happened on the way to the editors, yes, it’s a story about Melissa, but I realized it was much, much, more...
Kathleen Tumminello

Kathleen lives by the motto: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Traveling the world with her husband, making impromptu itineraries, and seeking new experiences energizes her.

Kathleen is a retired nurse, who has capped a successful career in Occupational Health Nursing with a global Environmental, Health, and Safety award from 3M Corporation. In her spare time, she’s a creative quilt maker, crafting each quilt with a family member or friend in mind. Writing has now become her new adventure. Join her as she leaves her comfort zone.

Stories and musings

The Swing

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Haruki Murakami from Kafka on the Shore Nothing terrible happened. It was just a nap, but she often remembered it in her longing to re-experience the sublime sensual moments of that afternoon long ago—when her world was

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The Interview

For Erin Your dedication, determination, and caring continue to inspire me “Oh no, no. Not today, please not today,” Maggie said aloud. The Florida summer heat had baked the inside of her 2006 Toyota Corolla, and the wonky air-conditioning was on the fritz again. Her guilt-ridden ex-husband Kyle had given

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Let’s Face It, I’m a Book Nerd

On Monday, February 11, 2019, I had the opportunity of meeting Katharine Smyth, the author of All the Lives We Ever Lived, Seeking Solace in Virginia Woolf, She’s written a moving memoir of her father and how she grieved in the aftermath of his death. Before you think I have

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I Met the Rotten Ralph Guy!

About two weeks ago, still emerging from the fog of flu, my daughter tells me that she mentioned to a member of her gym that I was writing a book about her. The man responded that he was a writer too and was kind enough to give my daughter his

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Holey Moley!

On the eve of each new year, most of us make resolutions. And if we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, we know we won’t keep them. God knows I haven’t. Well, this year I’m making a resolution that I have every intention of keeping. I will be sharing a short story

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